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Pels Rijcken’s attorneys and civil-law notaries work for many prominent clients, providing custom-made legal services and always applying their professional skills and sharp intellect.

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Pels Rijcken is a cut above the competition, because we are passionate about quality and substance. Our attorneys and civil-law notaries continually seek to extend their horizons by acquiring more experience and knowledge in a wide range of legal fields.

Pels Rijcken’s people love an intellectual challenge – it keeps them on their toes. Their collective input makes Pels Rijcken an acknowledged source of information in many areas of law, both for public and corporate clients.

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Best client evaluation Incompany 2015


Specialisation is at the base of tailored legal services and Pels Rijcken’s attorneys and notaries are among the best legal professionals in the Netherlands: they are the specialists in their respective legal fields and sectors. Between them, they have amassed a wealth of knowledge and offer their clients comprehensive legal expertise at the highest level.

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If you are interested in working for Pels Rijcken, please follow the link below to our Dutch language career website.

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Corporate social responsibility is part of our business strategy. We always consider the environmental and social impact of what we do.

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